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The spirit of the place

« In creating Il Cuoco Galante (‘The Gentlemen’s Cook’), I wanted to offer fresh, everyday cuisine that emphasizes Italian culinary traditions and the magic of seasonal produce. »
Philippe Baranes

Simplicity is often the hardest thing to achieve ... While it may look simple, real Italian cuisine demands skill and precision: the pasta-making process is key and authentic regional recipes provide depth and feeling.

I aim to showcase our fresh pasta, made daily from Italian artisanal flour to ensure the best possible texture and flavour, and to celebrate the rich diversity of Italian regional dishes. Drawing on Tuscan, Mediterranean and modernist influences, our recipes focus on pulses, fish and meat and are all cooked to order. In particular, the risotto is freshly cooked and takes 18 minutes to prepare (no pre-cooking).

You will discover a truly authentic menu: aperitifs and appetizers include cured meats, cheese and wines from small producers in Italy. Echoing the roots of Il Cuoco Galante, the main course may be a new twist on an historical Italian recipe from the 18th or 19th century, and for that final flourish, desserts include a genuine panna cotta made in the traditional manner from fresh cream, without gelatin.

The restaurant is designed like an artisan workshop where the team exercises her craft with passion, sincerity and humble joy in a wholly-open kitchen for your pure pleasure.

Welcome to a wonderful Italian experience.


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