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The team

Philippe BARANES : Creation & Direction

Philippe BARANES : Creation & Direction

The creative force behind this tableau from the land of Dante is Philippe Baranes, the humble creator of distinctive, modern concept restaurants in Paris. At restaurant Il Cuoco Galante, Philippe Baranes celebrates a refined take on everyday cuisine, giving centre-stage to the peerless savoir-faire of the artisan and the finest fresh produce simply prepared, without excess fanfare and with all due respect to tradition.

Reworking classic recipes with chef Ilaria Conti, with a focus on fresh pasta of unrivalled quality handmade daily on the premises, Philippe also adds a sprinkling of modernity to traditional Italian flavours. The open kitchen - a Baranes leitmotiv – bridges the gap between diners and chef in a strikingly warm blue-hued dining room.

His maxim: "Quality consists in details, and is not a mere detail in itself."
Ilaria CONTI : The Chef & Artisan is a woman

Ilaria CONTI : The Chef & Artisan is a woman

Born in Liguria close to Genoa, famed for its legumes and fish, artisan chef Ilaria Conti learned all there is to know about fresh pasta with her grand mother, and about the culinary specialties of Rome and Venice with her parents.

Ilaria developed a precise and subtle cuisine throughout her career (Luigi Nastri * in Tokyo, farm in Sweden, David Toutain at Agapé Substance *, restaurant David Toutain *). The Chef loves to share the culinary cultures of her childhood in Italy. She also loves to share her search for a cuisine which is right in the flavors and in the cooking the spectrum of which extends from the work of the fresh pasta (with or without egg), to that of the giblets, risotto or vegetable.
On a daily basis, Ilaria and Philippe seek constantly to ally originality and emotion in the traditional italian recipes.

You will find sweetness and elegance when she sets her dishes.

Her maxim : « Knead, feel nature, be subtle and resistant to find smooth harmony in the plate. »

The team : In Kitchen and for Service

Our team in the kitchen and in the dining room - all native Italians or lifelong Italophiles - are proud to share with you the specialties and other inspirations of Mamma Italia. In the workshop-style open kitchen, everyone can be seen applying heart and soul to handmade, cooked-to-order and beautifully presented dishes, be it a reworked classic or an original creation.

In this authentic and elegant space, the waiters take great pleasure in presenting a truly diverse range of Italian cepages and winemaking methods.

Ladies and gentlemen, locals and regulars, connoisseurs of Italian cuisine and food-lovers of all kind ... welcome to Il Cuoco Galante restaurant!